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I absolutely love a good collaboration!

This is a good one, make sure to keep reading.  Tami, from Love Notions recently re-tested her Rhapsody Top Pattern (mid April-ish) on her new pattern block and extended her size range.  She re-released the pattern on a Friday, so the pattern was on sale for $5 USD that one Friday – you can’t go wrong with a pattern priced at $5.  After seeing the tester versions especially Tess’s version, I knew I just HAD to have this pattern. When it went on sale for $5, I grabbed it quickly.  I headed to Instagram and told my sewing friends that I purchased the pattern.  Jayne, from Loopy Mabel’s Closet messaged me and said that she purchased the pattern as well.



We started chatting about the pattern and how much we loved the tester versions.  Jayne and I decided that we should do a collaboration.  But what would that look like, with her being in the UK and I in Canada?!

We then decided, lets’s sew the pattern at the same time and we will try to guess what each other will make (sleeve view, bodice view, and fabric).  Then, reveal our makes on our YouTube Channels.

My Prediction:

I’ve been following Jayne for roughly a year now and I like to think that I have a good sense of her style (kinda like mine).  I predicted that she was going to make the top version, with the flare sleeves in a pastel floral type of fabric!

The Pattern:

Before we find out if my prediction was right, let’s first chat about the pattern.  The Rhapsody comes in sizes XS to 5X, with 9 (yes, 9) sleeve options and it comes in a blouse or dress option (with an elastic waist band).  The Rhapsody is meant for lightweight drapey fabrics such as: crepe, rayon, silk, chiffon and voile.  The pattern also comes with a standard bust or a full bust pattern piece.


My Version:

The tester version that inspired me the most was done by Tess, Tami’s sister.  She made the dress version with a bishop sleeve with a cuff in a beautiful floral-ish rayon fabric.  I absolutely loved it, plus the color looked fabulous on her.

So, naturally, I just had to make the dress version (that elastic waist band gets me all-the-time).  I decided to use fabric from my shop, Willow Tree Fabrics, a 100% rayon/viscose big floral fabric.


I sewed the dress view, with the flutter sleeve in a straight size 6 (standard bust).  I’m really pleased with my version.

For the most part, the sewing was pretty easy.  I personally struggled a little bit with the bias tape part.  I remember, from a few years back now – I was doing a pattern test and I was using a rayon fabric and I had used cotton bias tape along the edges, as shown below.


Just so you know, this picture has never seen the light of day.  I’m standing awkward in this photo, because the weight of the cotton bias tape is dragging the front of the bodice down and I’m trying my best to keep it from falling over.  This was a big lesson I learned in my sewing journey.

The lesson?  You should use the same type of fabric for your bias tape as your main project fabric.

So, while I was sewing the Rhapsody, I kept thinking about using a pink cotton bias tape and at the very last moment I remembered this picture and project.

Due to the world situation and such, I had no other option but to make my own bias tape with the same fabric as my dress.  I bought a bias tape maker a few years back, but never tried it until this project.  Unfortunately, I was unable to successfully get the fabric through the device properly in order to create bias binding.  Plus, I don’t have any starch on hand.  I ended up just folding and pressing the fabric on my own.  I think I made the bias tape wrong, but this is all a learning experience.  Despite that little hiccup, I believe my dress still turned out beautiful.


Here is a sneak peek at Jayne’s Rhapsody Top, isn’t she gorgeous!!


I want to encourage you to check out Jayne’s Blog and YouTube Channel to see if my prediction was right!


Be sure to watch this space for more collaborations between Jayne and myself.  We had so much fun together that we have decided to collaborate with each other on a monthly basis.  I’m really looking forward to collaborating with Jayne!

Thanks for reading!

*Since falling in love with the Allegro and the Rhapsody patterns by Love Notions, I have become an affiliate of Love Notions.  What that means for you, is, if you purchase a pattern through my affiliate link I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

My affiliate link for the Rhapsody Blouse & Dress pattern can be found here!

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Allegro | Love Notions

When I first started out sewing, I was being an adventurist and wanted to try all of the designs in hoping to find my style through sewing.  Don’t get me wrong, that is still fun and I still venture out trying different silhouettes, but at the end of the day I know what my style is and what I’m comfortable in.

To me, a huge sewing success is creating a piece of clothing that resembles something that I already own that is ready to wear (bought from the store).  If I can re-create an article of clothing and have it be just as comfortable, to me, that is a huge sewing success!

In the spring I have a pair of capris that I absolutely love love love to wear.  They are black and white, made of rayon and have knit at the waist band and cuffs – which makes it very comfortable to wear.  I’ve been on the hunt since last summer to sew a pattern very similar to this.  I’m extremely happy to report that the Allegro Pants & Shorts Pattern by Love Notions is almost an exact copy of the capris that I love so much.



I was fortunate to pattern test for Tami.  For my first test, I sewed the cropped version with a rayon twill fabric from Willow Tree Fabrics.  I paired my cropped pants with a mustard shirt from Old Navy.

IMG_1205 (2)

IMG_1204 (3)

I also paired them with a dusty rose shirt from Le Chateau.


As soon as I put these on, I knew there were going to fit and feel just like my all time favorite pair of capris.  After I completed the cropped version, I asked Tami if I could test the 5 inch shorts version.  You can probably guess it, they too resemble my favorite pair of ready to wear shorts that I love to wear in the summer time.

This time, I sewed using a linen fabric from my local Fabricland from 2017.  I remember precisely buying this fabric the evening before my daughter was born – planning to sew a pair of shorts shortly after she was born.  I did sew a pair of shorts shortly after she was born but I used a different fabric!


The Pattern:

The Allegro pattern is actually a re-release for Tami, she updated the pattern to her new pattern block and completely re-tested them!  

The pattern comes in 6 views in sizes 0-32,  made for light to medium weight woven fabrics such as: rayon, linen and chambray

  • Jogger style
  • Cropped (the black pair I made)
  • 5 inch length shorts (fuchsia pair I made)
  • 9 inch length shorts
  • Knee length skirt
  • Ankle length skirt

The pattern comes with optional front and back pockets, waist band ties and hem cuffs.  I left the back pockets off for both of my versions (not a big fan of back pockets, I don’t really use them).

All I can say is, I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this pattern!  It’s on for $5 (USD) for Friday only (Friday May 15th)  – what are you waiting for….GO GO GO!




***I recently signed up as an affiliate for Love Notions:  https://www.lovenotions.com/?affiliates=480

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