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I’ve finally tried something new with my YouTube Channel….I made, not one….but two video tutorials.  The video tutorials are roughly the same, one is for the Girls Sunday Romper Pattern by Love Notions and the second video is for the Ladies Sunday Romper Pattern by Love Notions.

You know, when I first started my YouTube Channel, that is exactly what my original intentions were.  I wanted to create videos in which you could sew right along side me and pause the video when ever you needed to.

Why did it take so long to do?  Well, I actually tried to film a couple in the past but they just never seem to work out.  I just never knew which method to use in order to film a tutorial type of video.

Let me tell you……it’s a lot of work!  I knew, going in that it would be a lot of work……but, WOW!  It really is a lot of work.  Yet….they are still not perfect.  I know with work, time and patience my overall video quality will improve.  We all need to start somewhere right!

The first video that I made was the Girls Sunday Romper.  I used my main camera for the showing of the pattern pieces and the pinning portions.  I used my old old basic camera to film the footage at the sewing machine.  I was mumbling as I was talking to the camera (as I didn’t want my husband to hear me).  So while I was editing the video, I actually cut out my voice and I did a voice over using the narration feature in my editing software.   I later learned that the narration feature doesn’t allow me to turn my voice volume up.  So in the final YouTube video, the sound difference between my voice and the music is significant.

Once I realized I was having voice problems on my first video, I then decided that I would use my main camera for the pattern pieces and pinning portions, but instead of mumbling, I’d have to make sure that I was talking nice and clear – as that’s the voice that I would use for the final video.  I think this way turned out much better.

Things to work on in the future would be, better lighting at the ironing board or cutting mat.  I mostly sew in the evenings when my daughter is sleeping, so lighting is a big factor as to why it took me so long to film a tutorial.

In the past, I tried to use my microphone to film the pinning sections – but that turned out to be a nightmare with syncing my voice to the camera.  Luckily, my main camera has a nice microphone on it that I can record with or without a microphone.


I will definitely need to invest in a second tripod for my second camera for filming at the sewing machine.

These are the 2 videos.  I’d love to hear your constructive feedback on my two videos.  Besides lighting, what are some other things you think that I should consider for my future tutorial videos?  Perhaps maybe you even have some tips and tricks you’d like to share with me?!

Thanks for reading!

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Sunday Romper | Love Notions Patterns

It’s not Sunday…..but I’ll be chatting about the Sunday Romper by Love Notions Patterns.

Recently, I have fallen completely in love with Love Notions Patterns, they are really beautiful and easy patterns to sew.  I was able to test the Sunday Romper for both Ladies and Children (I still need to make my daughter and I matching).

First off, I love a good jumpsuit/romper pattern.  Back in summer 2018 – it was my summer for jumpsuits.  It’s now 2020 and guess what… I still LOVE jumpsuits.



Now, I must start off with is, if you know me personally, or knew me growing up….you’d know how much I disliked v-necks.  Almost always, if a shirt came in a v-neck or round neck, I always reached for the round neck.  If a shirt only came in a v-neck, I would pass.  I have now sewn 3 patterns of Tami’s that are all v-necks.  Who would have thought I would grow to love sewing my own v-neck top?!

Now, back to the pattern.

The Pattern

The pattern comes in sizes 0-32.  It features a front and back v-neck line, front angled pockets and an elasticated waist (my absolute fav!).  It also comes in ladies and children sizes.


The Sunday Romper has a lot of options, depending on what you like, or which season you are in.  It comes in a dolman style sleeve or a tank and you can mix and match the top portion with either a full length leg, cropped pants, shorts, or even 2 lengths for the skirt.  The pattern also comes with an optional draw string at the waist.

It calls for light to medium weight knit fabrics, such as: jersey or rayon blends.

In Tami’s initial test of the pattern, she mixed a knit top with a woven bottom, this is something I definitely want to try.


My Version

I used a lilac knit fabric from my stash, I believe is it a light weight ponte knit or else a cotton lycra mix.  I’m unsure.  All I know is I purchased this fabric a while ago from my local Fabricland, back when they had a buy 1 meter get 2 meter free, and the stretch and recovery of this fabric is great!

As per Tami’s recommendations, I sewed a size 10 top, grading to a size 6 bottom.


I left the draw string out of my version, but will definitely be adding it in for my future Sunday Rompers (so if you are asking, will I be making more, the answer is definitely yes!).  Be mindful when choosing your knit fabric, make sure it has a nice stretch and recovery, as you need to slip your legs through the neck opening to get the romper on.  I even want to make a dress version, the testers dresses turned out lovely!


I really love this romper pattern.  I sewed a Butterick pattern a couple years ago and I just find that I get a really nice fit with Tami’s patterns without too many alterations.  In fact, while I test, I don’t make any alterations – strictly for the purpose of testing.


Ever since falling in love with Tami’s patterns, I’ve decided to sign up for an affiliate link for Love Notions.  This post does contain affiliate links – all that means is: if you click on my link and make a purchase, I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you!

Thank you for taking the time to stop by and read!  I hope that you enjoy the Sunday Romper as much as I do!  Here is a link to the Girls version as well!

Here is a little peek at my daughters tester version.  I used a cheap knit (I don’t recommend – as the stretch and recovery of this knit is not ideal) for the top and a liverpool knit for the bottom!  She absolutely loves it!

IMG_20200527_1238415 (2)

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