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I’ve finally tried something new with my YouTube Channel….I made, not one….but two video tutorials.  The video tutorials are roughly the same, one is for the Girls Sunday Romper Pattern by Love Notions and the second video is for the Ladies Sunday Romper Pattern by Love Notions.

You know, when I first started my YouTube Channel, that is exactly what my original intentions were.  I wanted to create videos in which you could sew right along side me and pause the video when ever you needed to.

Why did it take so long to do?  Well, I actually tried to film a couple in the past but they just never seem to work out.  I just never knew which method to use in order to film a tutorial type of video.

Let me tell you……it’s a lot of work!  I knew, going in that it would be a lot of work……but, WOW!  It really is a lot of work.  Yet….they are still not perfect.  I know with work, time and patience my overall video quality will improve.  We all need to start somewhere right!

The first video that I made was the Girls Sunday Romper.  I used my main camera for the showing of the pattern pieces and the pinning portions.  I used my old old basic camera to film the footage at the sewing machine.  I was mumbling as I was talking to the camera (as I didn’t want my husband to hear me).  So while I was editing the video, I actually cut out my voice and I did a voice over using the narration feature in my editing software.   I later learned that the narration feature doesn’t allow me to turn my voice volume up.  So in the final YouTube video, the sound difference between my voice and the music is significant.

Once I realized I was having voice problems on my first video, I then decided that I would use my main camera for the pattern pieces and pinning portions, but instead of mumbling, I’d have to make sure that I was talking nice and clear – as that’s the voice that I would use for the final video.  I think this way turned out much better.

Things to work on in the future would be, better lighting at the ironing board or cutting mat.  I mostly sew in the evenings when my daughter is sleeping, so lighting is a big factor as to why it took me so long to film a tutorial.

In the past, I tried to use my microphone to film the pinning sections – but that turned out to be a nightmare with syncing my voice to the camera.  Luckily, my main camera has a nice microphone on it that I can record with or without a microphone.


I will definitely need to invest in a second tripod for my second camera for filming at the sewing machine.

These are the 2 videos.  I’d love to hear your constructive feedback on my two videos.  Besides lighting, what are some other things you think that I should consider for my future tutorial videos?  Perhaps maybe you even have some tips and tricks you’d like to share with me?!

Thanks for reading!

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Joining the Minerva Crafts Blogging Team

Hey!  This is an exciting post, and I’m beyond excited to tell you that I’m making my very first appearance as part of the Minerva Crafts Blogging Team.  I’ve sewn up a full length Yari Jumpsuit by True Bias using Minerva Crafts Linen Rayon Blend Fabric.  For more photos and full details, please follow this link!



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Knit Jumpsuit – See & Sew B6548

When I first started sewing garments, I started off with knit fabrics.  I later found out through instagram, that a lot of sewists avoid knits at first – as knits are supposed to be harder to sew with.  I figured sewing with knits would have been easier as you do not need to worry about fit as much as you would with a woven.

Over the last few months I have put knits off to the side and have been working a lot with wovens.  But, when I came across this jumpsuit – See & Sew B6548, I was really excited to sew it up and to work with knits again.  I had 2 colors in mind that I wanted to make using fabrics from my stash.

DSCF2268My body measurements fall under the size Medium, but after taking a closer look at the finished measurements, I decided to go with the small – similarly to the Butterick jumpsuit that I sewed for Fabricville.  However, with choosing the size small, I would need to do a FBA (Full Bust Adjustment) as the finished measurements were smaller than my measurements.  The picture to the left shows my new pattern piece with the full bust adjustment.  This is when I think tracing out a pattern is better than cutting out a pattern, just in case you make a mistake with the adjustments you can always trace a new piece.  Due to the FBA, I needed to find the new apex and waistline on the pattern piece – this is why you see all of my scribbled lines.  I used this video here to assist me in finding the new apex on the pattern piece.  When you slash and spread the pattern pieces as I have, you can see where the original “fold” line was, I increased that area by 3/8″.

As I started sewing this jumpsuit together on my Brother sewing machine, using my walking foot, I remembered why I had made the switch to wovens.  It wasn’t going so well, the fabric was not feeding through the walking foot and feed dogs evenly, causing my stitches to be uneven.  I unpicked it all, and started fresh on my Singer Futura machine, without a walking foot.  I have not invested in a walking foot for my Singer Futura just yet.  If you ask me now, in my opinion, knits are harder to sew with.  I especially find that knits are harder to hem.  This jumpsuit requires you to fold under the arm holes and the neckline and do a narrow hem.  Definitely not a fun task to do.  I tried my absolute best to keep the hems on this as straight and even as possible.



The pattern features front pleats, pockets and a back neck slitDSCF2253.  I believe the pattern calls for a button closure, but I decided to use the hook and eye closure.  The pattern comes in 2 length options; this length and a longer pant length.  I think for my next jumpsuit, I might even make the shorts just a touch shorter than these ones.

Thanks for taking the time to read about my first knit jumpsuit!  Jumpsuits are my favorite piece this summer!  What is your favorite piece to wear this summer?


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A Great Summer Piece – Yari Jumpsuit

Are you looking for a great piece for the summer months, are you looking for a quick yet stylish pattern to sew for the summer – The Yari Jumpsuit pattern by True Bias has you covered!

My friend sent me a picture of this jumpsuit when it was released, and as soon as I seen View A – a sleeveless, shorts version in a light blue chambray fabric, I instantly fell in love and knew I was going to love this pattern.  The pattern was on sale during the release week, so I went ahead and purchased the PDF pattern.

DSCF2111 (2)Now, I normally do not wear tank tops, I’m more of a sleeves type of gal, but lately I’ve been trying to push myself to wear more tank tops, and the Yari was the perfect push for me!

The Yari is a quick sew, like very quick!  I got it done with one evening and one morning of sewing!  The Yari features princess seams (my first ever princess seams), a button up front, big pockets and 4 D-rings to accentuate the waist!  The Yari also has options for sleeves and a pant length.

I’ve been learning to adjust patterns to fit me, with this pattern I knew I would need to lengthen as it was drafted for 5’5.  I almost always like to make 2 of everything with some differences to see which fits me better – similar to when you go clothes shopping and you try on 2 different sizes to see which one fits you better.  I’ve made 2 Yari’s both in linen, and plan on making more (I love this pattern THAT much!).

For my first Yari, – I made a pink size 8 and lengthened it by 2 inches.  My body measurements fit right into the size 8 measurements on the pattern.  I was really pleased with the fit.  However, when I raised my arms up, I noticed I had a little bit of room on either side.  So, in my mind I figured I could size down, since I had some extra space there.  After consulting with my trusted and knowledgeable sewing friend – she suggested that I do a SBA (small bust adjustment).  I would have never thought of that, but guess what….my friend really knows her stuff and knows what the best course of action is.

I was really happy with the fit of the pink jumpsuit,  but now after adjusting the pattern and looking at the burnt orange jumpsuit, I’m really, really impressed with the fit!  It fits me great and I feel awesome wearing it!  The SBA was a really good solution!  I ended up taking 1 inch out on both sides.


This is an awesome piece to add to your wardrobe, and like I mentioned before, it is a quick sew!  Thank you for reading about my experience sewing the Yari Jumpsuit and my first ever SBA!

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