I wanted to let you know about a fun hashtag over on YouTube. It was created by Jen from Today in Jen’s Sewing Room. She created this fun hashtag for Friday, where sewing vloggers post a video on Fridays talking about their week with sewing and with life. It is a lot of fun and such a great community! I always look forward to Fridays to see what the other sewing vloggers have been up to. I’ve participated a few times already and absolutely love it! Each week, more and more vloggers are joining!

Here is my most recent #fridaysews video!

Be sure to go to YouTube and in the search bar type in: #fridaysews and you’ll be able to see all of the vloggers participating!

I hope you enjoy #fridaysews videos as much as I do!

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Lamma Hoodie | Itch To Stitch Patterns


I apologize….I’ve been neglecting my blog and really focusing on my YouTube channel. I will try my best to focus on both!

Today, I have a fun pattern review for you and it’s all about the Lamma Hoodie by Itch To Stitch Patterns.

The Lamma Hoodie is a PDF pattern that comes in sizes 00-40 and calls for fabrics with at least 25% – 35% horizontal stretch such as: french terry and jersey. The patterns has a lot of different options: regular or full bust, a hoodie or a cowl neck and cuffed or thumbhole sleeves. It features raglan sleeves and princess seams with front inseam pockets within those princess seams. It really is a great pattern for color blocking options!

For my version, I sewed a size 6 regular bust with no alterations. I sewed the cowl neck with cuffed sleeves. I’m 5’9″ my measurements are: Bust 36, Waist 31, Hips 38. I sewed mine using a floral scuba fabric that I purchased from my local fabric shop back in 2018 or 2019 and a stretch velvet in dusty rose from Overseas Fabric.

I’m really happy with this pattern and the fit. The downside is (not pattern at all) I’ve washed the floral fabric twice – once prior to sewing and once after wearing the hoodie a couple of times and the floral design is already fading and peeling off. Other than that, I’m really happy with this make.

I didn’t add a drawstring because my machine had a mishap while I was sewing the button holes. They didn’t turn out the greatest, but that is okay as the cowl rolls over and the button holes are hidden. I also decided to leave the inseam pockets out, as the scuba fabric is quite thick and I didn’t want to add any bulk to the hoodie.

The inspiration for this project came from Karina from Lifting Pins and Needles. She made a beautiful red velvet version and I absolutely fell in love with it and knew that I needed to sew a velvet one too! Her red version was my inspiration for the dusty rose velvet! She has a whole video for the Lamma Hoodie and you can watch it here. Be sure to check out her YouTube Channel!

(I asked for Karina’s permission to use her photo)

Karina’s Red Velvet Version! Red is definitely her color!

Now, for the fun part of this pattern review is, I had mentioned back in January (after the Lamma Hoodie release) that I was interested in sewing it and a couple of my friends on Instagram also mentioned that they too were interested in sewing the Lamma Hoodie. I asked both of them if they’d be interested in sewing it together and they both said yes. I created us a Facebook group called “Lamma SewTogether”. It was a really neat experience as we were able to bounce ideas off of each other and post progress photos. I really liked the idea of creating the Facebook group so that I could log onto Facebook and see what my friends were up to when it came to sewing the Lamma Hoodie. I sometimes find social media overwhelming at times, so this created a place I could log into and see exactly what they were up to without being distracted by other posts and such.

The best part is….we each sewed ourselves a variation of pink fabrics and we didn’t even plan that! How cool is that?!\

I had so much sewing the Lamma Hoodie with Meg and Rikki. Definitely check out their instagrams:

Meg: https://www.instagram.com/meggiesews Meg also has a blog that can be found here. She also has a blog post about her Lamma, that can be found here.

Rikki: https://www.instagram.com/rikkisews

Meg’s Version – Those colors are stunning on her!
Rikki’s version -Isn’t Rikki gorgeous in this fuchsia Lamma?!? Fuchsia is my favorite color!

(I asked Meg and Rikki for permission to use their photos in my blog post)

Thank you ladies for sewing the Lamma Hoodie with me, I had so much fun! We will definitely need to do this again for a future sewing project!

Will I make this pattern again? Absolutely, hopefully sooner rather than later! My next version will include a hood and inseam pockets!

Thank you for taking the time to read my experience sewing the Lamma Hoodie!

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