Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021!

Can you believe that it will be 2021 soon? 2020 has definitely been a year. I’ve been ready for a while to close the chapter on 2020.

I wanted to write a blog post about my top hits and misses of the year, but when I look back at my sewing projects – I really didn’t get much sewing done actually.

Despite what was happening in the world, I’ve been very conflicted with my blog. I started to get back into crafting the last few months. It has been a nice break from sewing while still remaining creative. I’m conflicted because I actually started a new Instagram and Blog account for my crafting projects. I did this because the vibe on my sewing account was becoming more and more negative as the year progressed and I wanted to see more positivity in my sewing and crafting adventures. I often use Instagram to seek inspiration or ideas for my own projects. Now, I haven’t published my crafting blog to go live yet and I’m not too sure when or if I will. Is it possible to work at 2 blogs and keep up with the both of them? That answer I’m not too sure about.

Lets look ahead to 2021!

I decided to take full advantage of some of the amazing Black Friday sewing sales. I bought a few new patterns – from Independent Companies that I have never tried before and I also purchased a bra kit from Emerald Erin. My Black Friday purchases have really influenced my Make 9 for 2021.

Starting at the top left:

  • Double Zip Hoodie – Millicent Joy Sewing Patterns
  • Cindy Jean Jacket – Style Arc
  • Around The Block Hoodie – Ellie and Mac Sewing Patterns
  • Black Beauty Bra – Emerald Erin Sews
  • Rudeneja Handbag – Lavender and Twine
  • Lark Tee – Grainline Studio
  • Ash Jeans – Megan Nielsen
  • Kristy Top – Style Arc
  • S8855 – Simplicity

Have you sewn any of these patterns? If so, I’d love to hear which ones!

Love and miss you VERY MUCH dad! – Me

6 thoughts on “Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021!

  1. I’ve been wondering about you lately, so glad to see this post! Those are some pretty nifty patterns, you purchased. Which one will you try first? Hope everyone at home is well and you are looking forward to Christmas. XXOO


    1. Hi Kathy! Thanks for reading! I just wasn’t feeling motivated with the blog and all that with my work schedule! I’ve been keeping busy crafting and sewing but didn’t feel up to documenting it! I’ve been trying to sew the Around the Block Hoodie since November but stuff kept coming up. So hopefully I’ll tackle that one first!

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      1. The world is strange right now, and I know many are in the same boat, and your work went into over drive about then too. It will take some time to settle in and regain energy. Do what works for you!


  2. So glad to see your post, I’ve been wondering about you, glad to know you are OK! You nabbed some nice patterns there, though I’ve not made any of those. Happy Christmas to you and yours!🎄


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