Where Does Your Creative Inspiration Come From?

Hello Readers,

I’m here today to ask you:  Where does your creative inspiration come from?  Does it come from deep within you, does it come from your friends and family, how about social media, latest pattern releases or even new arrivals at your favorite shop?

The reason I ask this question, is because I want to know for my own self, how much influence does social media (mainly Instagram) really play in my sewing and creative process.  I know for a fact that as of lately, I’ve been spending much more time planning, dreaming and scrolling through and admiring photos of makes rather than actually making anything.

Now, this could be a mix of various factors, I’m not one hundred percent sure.  I know for sure that one factor is our world’s current situation.  I know for some projects there are notions that I need and some of these notions I really need to see in person rather than making an online purchase.  I’ve done curb side pick up with Michaels and it was wonderful.  My local fabric shop however, only has curb side pick up for mask making materials such as broadcloth, elastic and interfacing.  They do not have fashion fabrics for curb side pick up.

I really wonder though, if I spent less time scrolling and more time making – how much stuff would I be making and would the patterns, fabrics (colors and prints) that I sew with change.  Overall, I want to see if my inspiration changes.  In my personal experience, Instagram has a major influence in my sewing, which can be both a positive and a negative and right now, I’m thinking that it is negatively affecting my creative processes.  I have found in my personal experience that Instagram has become a negative space lately that is just draining my creativity flow.

I’m going to try an experiment for myself:

I’m going to use the rest of the summer (and possibly the fall) to really re-discover my love for sewing again without Instagram.  I’m feeling ready to try new things – such as making a bodice sloper and possibly drafting a basic top for myself.  I need to focus on the patterns that I choose and how they fit into my everyday life and work wardrobe.

How will I be doing this?

I will be taking a break from scrolling through Instagram.  However, I do have a couple sewing friends in which I communicate through Instagram.  I will still continue to communicate with my friends on Instagram.  I will no longer spend time scrolling through makes for some time.  In fact, this week, I have slowly reduced my time on Instagram and have made changes to the notifications that I receive.  So far, I have noticed a small change in my fabric choices already!  Ultimately, I want to spend much more time actually sewing, then scrolling!

I will continue to share with you through my blog and my vlog about my sewing makes and what I have been up to in my creative world.

Now, you’re probably asking – well why take the break from Instagram and not my blog or vlog?

The answer to that is, I really thoroughly enjoy writing and chatting about my sewing makes.  Typing up a blog post and editing a video are some added things that I simply love about my sewing journey.  I have also found a balance of reading and viewing other blogs and vlogs.  Right from the start of my blog and vlog, I’ve set aside time to read fellow bloggers blog posts and watch other YouTubers videos and it works well for me.


In the mean time, I’ve taken time away from Instagram this week and have made a plan of makes I wish to accomplish during this time.  I believe with this break from Instagram, it will allow me to stay focused on the plan that I set out for myself.  I’m notorious for making plans and then getting side tracked by, you know…..Instagram…….new pattern releases…….new fabric……you name it.

Here is a little sneak peek!



As I mentioned earlier, I’ve taken some time away from Instagram this week to really focus on my inspiration, and right now this color palette is really inspiring me to get sewing!  Just a note, not all fabrics are sewn and not all projects are listed (that’s all I could fit on my little board).

Wish me luck on my experiment!  I look forward to reporting back with these completed projects!

Please tell me, where does your sewing/crafting inspiration come from?

“I think of all the laughter, the smiles and all the fun.  My tears have once again begun.  For, although it brings me comfort to walk down memory lane it reminds me how, without you, life has never been the same.”  — Author Unknown