2019 Non-Sewing Highlights


I have to say, after having experienced 3 losses between December 2017 and December 2018 I wasn’t too sure how 2019 would shape out to be.

To my lovely surprise with my hard work and dedication, it appeared that 2019 was on my side.  At the beginning of 2019 I started back at work casually.  Next, I was able to have the summer off and spend everyday with my daughter in the sun,  going to the park, bike riding, swimming and going for walks.  I thoroughly enjoyed the summer months with her.

At the end of the summer I went for a couple job interviews and was able to get a short, half time term position, which then led into a full year full time position.  How cool is that?!  That is my biggest accomplishment of 2019 and I have been thoroughly enjoying my time and embracing every moment!

I hope that the momentum will continue into 2020.

Would you like to hear a little bonus sewing related highlight from 2019??  I found out that I will be a featured blogger for Sew My Style 2020….how cool is that?!

“Dad, I remember specifically calling you first to tell you about getting my first job.  I badly wished that I could have called you to tell you about this job.  I sure hope that you are watching over from above.” — Me

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