2019 Non-Sewing Highlights


I have to say, after having experienced 3 losses between December 2017 and December 2018 I wasn’t too sure how 2019 would shape out to be.

To my lovely surprise with my hard work and dedication, it appeared that 2019 was on my side.  At the beginning of 2019 I started back at work casually.  Next, I was able to have the summer off and spend everyday with my daughter in the sun,  going to the park, bike riding, swimming and going for walks.  I thoroughly enjoyed the summer months with her.

At the end of the summer I went for a couple job interviews and was able to get a short, half time term position, which then led into a full year full time position.  How cool is that?!  That is my biggest accomplishment of 2019 and I have been thoroughly enjoying my time and embracing every moment!

I hope that the momentum will continue into 2020.

Would you like to hear a little bonus sewing related highlight from 2019??  I found out that I will be a featured blogger for Sew My Style 2020….how cool is that?!

“Dad, I remember specifically calling you first to tell you about getting my first job.  I badly wished that I could have called you to tell you about this job.  I sure hope that you are watching over from above.” — Me

2019 Sewing Misses


I’m back with my top 5 sewing misses of 2019, all inspired by the Sewcialists Blog! This was a tough list to compile for many reasons. One of the reasons being, I don’t want to admit defeat when it comes to a sewing project as I believe all of my sewing projects do teach me one thing or another. The projects in this list are items that I have barely worn, projects that I did not enjoy sewing, items that I have not completed or simply items that I did not like the end result. Let’s get started…..
5: Memory Quilt for my mom

I still need to complete this, but this is a project that requires a lot of tender loving and care. The original goal was to complete it by Christmas 2019, but I think Christmas 2020 is a much better goal.


4: Samantha Dress by Athina Kakou Patterns

Now, this is not on my list because I don’t like it, or that it is a bad pattern. It’s simply on this list because I have not worn it as much as I intended to. I have worn it a couple of times and have found the tie sleeves to be a little too tight for my comfort level. I always put this dress on and say to myself “I will cut the sleeves and hem.” – which is always my intention, but I never find the time. I simply hate fixing items, I’d rather just sew from scratch. A goal for 2020, would be to get motivated to fix and alter clothes. This will definitely be at the top of the list of fixing for 2020. This is a beautiful pattern, I just personally found the sleeve ties a little tight for my arms. Please let me know if you’ve sewn the Samantha Dress. I will most likely sew this again and adjust the sleeve ties!


3: The Heidi Dress by Wearable Patterns

This dress made the miss list only because of my choice of fabric. This was a linen cotton blend which is right up my alley, except for in the summer I try my best to avoid wearing items with a black background. Other than the black background of the fabric, this dress is fantastic for the summer months!


2: Burda Style Jumpsuit 102 07/2017

This is on the list because I chose to do a practice (toile) using polyester fabric in which I did not enjoy sewing which means I never did complete the garment. I had another fabric that I wanted to use, but I didn’t have enough fabric for the drawstrings and ruffles. I still plan to make this come summer 2020.


1: Make 9 2019 Challenge

It was my very first time trying out this challenge and I failed miserably at this challenge. I was only successful in completing 2 of the 9 items that I chose, which means, these items are still on my list of items to make. I’m still unsure about the priority of these items, but they are still on my list to make. The next make I have a major urge to make right now is the McCalls 7442 – peplum jacket. I love to wear tights and the photo on the envelope looks totally like my style. I’m having a very difficult time choosing a color to go with!

The 2 items that I did complete are: McCalls 7803 and the Holiday Sparkler Wreath Portion.


There you have my top 5 sewing misses of 2019. I truly do value and appreciate all of the makes that I make as they always have something to teach me, weather it is sewing related or an emotional journey. Many of you know, sewing helps me through my grieving journey of loosing my father. So some of my makes are simply makes to help me grieve, while other makes are for enjoyment and to wear.

There you have my top 5 misses of 2019, were any of these makes your favorite makes, were you sad to see some of these items make the misses list?!

Thanks for reading!

Update: Video is now up on the YouTube channel!

“Dad, I know that you are always watching over me and that your guiding hand will forever be on my shoulder. Not a day goes by that I don’t miss you. You will always be loved.” — Author Unknown