Sewing Goal Crushed!

Hi Friends,

It’s been a while and you’re probably wondering if I lost my sew-jo and the answer is no.  I may have not lost my sew-jo, but I have lost some of the free time dedicated to sewing, which isn’t a bad thing.  Let me explain:

At the start of September, I took on a part time job which was great!  But you know what is even better?  That part time job has led into a full time job, even better….it’s fantastic!  Now, I know that working full time is taking a bit of time away from my sewing, but this is ultimately what I went to school for.  Am I adjusted to my new routine yet? No, not yet, but slowly getting adjusted!

So what does this mean for my sewing?  I’m still sewing, but slowly.  My sewing goals will now change to probably 1-2 projects a month, as compared to some months sewing 4-5 projects.  I’m looking into starting a little sewing group with some of my co-workers!  Hopefully I can spark some interest among them!

As for October sewing makes, my output was very slow….however… sewing has officially come full circle!  I originally started sewing because I was pregnant and the idea was to learn to sew, so that I could sew my future baby’s Halloween costumes.

I first tried out a couple free baby patterns, but the neckbands were too tight and the tops were unable to fit over her 3 month old head.  This is the point where I gave up the idea of sewing for her and began sewing garments for myself.  Next came Halloween 2018 where I made her a fairy costume.  It was a bit tricky to make as I had to make it larger to fit over her winter parka.


Now, here comes the exciting part!!

Lately, my daughter has been obsessed with The Little Mermaid, so of course she wanted to dress up as The Little Mermaid for Halloween.  Due to my new work schedule, I knew I was not going to be able to produce her an Ariel costume in time.  Instead, she wore a purchased Ariel costume from the Disney store, she even wore a red wig!  We had to buy the costume larger to fit over her parka (it gets that cold here sometimes for Halloween).

I asked her if she wanted mom to make her a mermaid outfit to wear during the day and she said “yes!”.  We went to the fabric store together to pick out the mermaid fabric!  I’m so proud of this make for many reasons:

  • I made it all!
  • I traced a pair of her existing comfy pants and sewed the mermaid pants.
  • I traced a t-shirt of hers and sewed her the purple shirt, using an XL cotton t-shirt from Michaels, keeping the original hem.  That means, no official patterns were used to make this outfit….how cool is that!
  • The applique is from our local Fabricland.


She absolutely loved this outfit and at daycare told everyone that “Mommy made mermaid!”

I’m beyond proud and can’t wait to sew more stuff for her!

“Dad, I wish you were here.” — Me