Life Update | September Makes

Hi Everyone,

September is nearly done and I have not written a blog post.  I feel that I need to explain where I have been and what I have been doing.

I’ve been sewing…..sewing slowly.  The end of August was a little bit hectic for me, as I found out last minute that I would be working a short term.  So while I found out I’d be working more consistently for a short bit, it was right around the time I wanted to launch my online fabric shop.  I bet you know where I’m going with this!  Due to this, I had to push back the launch of my shop a bit.  Shipping was a little tricky to figure out and it still is.  This next year as I focus on my business, it will be a learning experience in all aspects of the business, website design and shipping details.

Now that I’m back at work more consistently, life has been hectic with juggling my work, spending time with my family after work and starting my online fabric shop.  I’ve been adjusting but with change always comes exhaustion.  Lately, I’ve been going to bed right after my little girl goes to bed.  I think I’m slowly getting used to this new routine.

On the right, is a ready-to-wear top that I’ve had for years that I love.  I was able to re-create a similar version (on the left) using fabric from the shop.  I sewed up the Zoe Top by Sinclair Patterns (one of my most worn and favorite patterns).  You can find the fabric here.

I was also able to complete a pattern test for AppleGreen Cottage, the Glam Girl Purse.  I absolutely love this pattern!  Such an easy and glamorous pattern!  Be sure to check it out, she has it for 40% off during launch with the code GLAM40 at checkout.  I also have a quick YouTube video on my channel all about the Glam Girl Purse, you can watch it here.

Sometimes I forget about projects that I’ve completed that won’t be published until a later date.  So, I just remembered that I finished up my Christmas fabric project.  Here is a sneak peek of that project.


After typing up this blog post, I found out that I will be working much more consistently much longer than I was anticipating…which is a fantastic thing.  Just as I mentioned earlier that I started to get into that new routine, I need to now get adjusted to a new routine, again!  I’m not too sure what this will mean for my sewing, of course I’m going to still sew, it’s just that my output might be much less than I’m used to.

Thank you for taking the time to read about my makes and my life update!

“Dad, I wish I could tell you the great news…you’d be so proud.” — Me.