Quincy Dress | #sewmystyle2019

For #sewmystyle2019 for the month of June, it was a choice between the Quincy Dress by Jennifer Lauren Handmade, or the Orchid Midi by Chalk & Notch.  I last minutely decided to try out the Quincy Dress with the fabric that Minerva Crafts had sent me.  I thought the Quincy Dress was more my style that I could either dress up or dress down depending on the way I accessorize it.

But that’s all folks!  This is a sneak peek only and my entry for #sewmystyle2019.  You will need to wait patiently for my blog post to go live on the Minerva Crafts blog!  Don’t worry, I’ll keep you all posted


Just an added note:  I’ve made this dress at the beginning of June and I have worn it 4 times since!  I think this is my new favorite pattern.  I have fabrics for 2 more versions, maybe even one with a hack!  Stay tuned!

“When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure.”  — Author Unknown


This is one sewing challenge I was looking forward to, both in my creation and seeing the creations of others.

There are plenty of sewing challenges in the sewing community that I wish to participate in, but time and inspiration are big factors that affect my ability to participate.  Sometimes we hear of a challenge only a week or two before the start date.  I am both a planner and an inspiration sponge.  I like to have my next few makes planned out ahead of time.  I usually almost always get side tracked with other inspirational projects that I always try to squeeze in.


For the #flashbacksewingchallenge, I was really excited that Faith and Michele gave us a months notice of the actual challenge.  This allowed me to make room in my ever growing schedule to fit this challenge in.  Two reasons why I wanted to participate, well because the obvious reason of the hosts being Michele and Faith, such a great combo!  The second reason, a few years back my husbands grandmother found out that I sewed and she gave me a box full of old sewing patterns.  What a great way to utilize one of her old patterns!

Most of the patterns found in this box are older than me, but a lot of them only come in 1 size, whereas in today’s patterns you can get a multiple of sizes in one pattern envelope.  To narrow down my search, I decided to find a size 14 pattern.  I could have probably gotten away with a size 12.


I chose a simple design, mainly for the reason of being able to wear this garment in 2019 without looking too dated.  The pattern is from 1978.  I even tried to get very similar shoes, but the first ones I found were on clearance and they didn’t have my size.

I was going for the aqua color, v-neck, tie belt and the shoes.  Did I succeed at this look?!


Let’s chat about the actual sewing of the garment!  The first thing I noticed was that the pattern paper was thicker than today’s pattern papers.  Also, this pattern included the seam allowance lines – I think these lines are important and I wish they still did that with current patterns.


This was a very easy and straight forward pattern to sew.  The only part that I thought was going to be tricky was sewing the ties with turning them right sides out.  It turns out with the technique described in the pattern, it was a lot easier than I have done in the past.  To show you, I’ve created my very own YouTube channel and I’ve shared a quick tip on tube turning, you can click here.

I really loved the hem detail that I decided to use the border of the fabric to create a belt.  I read the instructions on how to create the belt, but I didn’t like them.  They had you cut out the belt and then sew a narrow hem all the way around.  I would have preferred to sew 2 pieces together and turn them right sides out.


I did make a small bust adjustment, but I do believe I could have gone down a few sizes.  I would definitely love to make this pattern again – I’d have to adjust the side seams and bring it in a little bit.  I would also like to try the elastic waist option next time around instead of the belt.

I loved working with the rayon as well, I’ve been on a bit of a rayon/viscose kick lately as you will see with my upcoming makes!


PS. I’m wearing a pair of my grandma’s earrings which are probably vintage!

“I wish we could choose which memories to remember.” –Author Unknown

Enya Pattern Test – AppleGreen Cottage

I was excited when Damjana of Applegreen Cottage Patterns asked me to test her new Enya Wallet Pattern.  Of course I said yes, working with Damjana is an enjoyable experience.  I mean it when I say it, she is always available to her testers when needed – even when she is on the other side of the world.

“This stylish and sleek crossbody wallet will win your heart the minute you start sewing it: it comes with tons of pockets and a few smart tweaks such as a detachable keyholder strap, a separate front pocket for your most frequently used items (ID card, bus pass?), pockets with and without zippers, card slots and some space for a little extra that won’t usually fit into a regular wallet.” – Taken from AppleGreen Cottage

DSCF3141 (2)

Now, for the pattern.  This is such a fantastic pattern.  It can work in 2 ways which I think you will love as much as I do.  First, you can use it as a wallet to pair along with her Sophia Fold-Over Clutch Pattern in the large size, or else you can use Enya as a purse as well!  If you’re like me and only carry a little bit in your purse, than the Enya purse might be perfect for you.  It easily fits your cell phone, keys and bank card.

DSCF3133 (2)

The inside of the Enya features a zip pocket, card slots and a d-ring to clip your keys to (which I think is a fabulous feature, I’m constantly always checking to make sure I still have my keys and that they haven’t fallen out while reaching for my wallet or cell).

DSCF3134 (2)

The outside of the Enya features a flap and a zip pocket on the back, great for change and kleenex.

DSCF3131 (2).JPG

Damjana provides very detailed sewing instructions both with words and photos.  She never leaves you guessing, you always know what to expect while sewing the Enya.  She is very thorough with each step, especially sewing a welt zip pocket and this pattern has TWO of them!  All of the options on the Enya are exactly that….options.  You do not need to sew two welt pockets if it doesn’t suit your style.  You can leave the strap D-rings out to make it strictly a wallet.  The choice is yours!


Once you cut and prep all of the interfaced fabric pieces, the sewing goes really fast.  I believe it took me roughly an afternoon to sew, with some interruptions along the way.

Be sure to grab a copy of the pattern while it is 40% this week!

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