Make 9 – Update

Since we are in the 5th month of the year, I figure it’s a good time to reflect and update my make 9 list for 2019.  We can always adjust it….right?!


Five months in, and one make done from my make 9 list.  I wish that wasn’t the case, but I knew that there was a big possibility of changing my mind throughout the year.  It’s really tough to plan out makes at the beginning of the year to last for 12 months.  I tried to be extremely realistic with my makes, but maybe I need to adjust it and re-evaluate my sewing plans.

The one make that I did accomplish was McCalls 7803 for the Minerva Crafts blog, which will be up on their blog next month!  So this will be your sneak peek until then!

DSCF3032 (2)

You might be asking, where will I go from here?  I’ll tell ya!

Lots of things can change in a year, so my focus this year has been between sewing and business things, all while maintain work and quality family time.  I’ve been quite organized when it comes to setting aside time for sewing and business – that stuff comes in the evening once everyone is in bed.  Family first!  Scheduling the time really helps me remain focused on the tasks at hand.  Where I struggle with is inspiration – and I’ve mentioned this before where I experience inspirational overload.  It’s a real thing, I tell ya, and the culprit… Instagram.  Now, I’m not implying that it is a bad thing, but in my case it is really distracting me from getting some of my sewing projects done.  I’ll see something on Instagram that inspires me and then I immediately start making plans to make that particular make (as you will see that exact point later in the blog post).  I think in order for me to get some work done, I need to take a slight break from Instagram and spend more time in my sewing room rather than scrolling and looking for inspiration.

For 2019, I’ve been pattern testing quite a bit this year, which I’m really enjoying.  I really like that I’m able to help a designer out with their new pattern and to get to know new-to-me designers.  This allows me to try out their patterns to see if they are right for me.  I also really enjoy pattern testing because I am able to learn new sewing techniques that I can keep with me to use for future sewing projects.

My sewing plans for the next couple months will hopefully look like this:

For the months May & June: I’m currently working on a pattern test and once that is finished, I’ll be working on a dress for a newsletter which is really exciting and nerve racking at the same time.  I’m excited to be contributing inspiration to a newsletter, but I’m nervous about the pattern that I picked!  I’m sure it will turn out great!  I will also squeeze a fabric review in there as well using a pattern from my make nine list.

A good friend of mine, Michele, is running a Flash Back Sewing Challenge with Faith for the month of June.  You bet I will be participating in the challenge.  My husband’s grandmother gave me a big box full of older patterns.  So I figured instead of buying a pattern that I would simply use a pattern from the box.  I was able to find a pattern in my size (as back then, most of the patterns came in one size instead of like today’s patterns coming in multiple sizes) and the pattern is dated from 1978.  This is a challenge that I’m really looking forward to, it’ll be exciting to see what everyone will make.  I know some are looking back to the 1920’s for their project, which I think will be really neat.


My July sewing plans are a little unclear at the moment.  I know that I want to for sure accomplish a pattern review and a tank top for my sister.  I try not to over plan for the summer months as I know we will be spending a lot of time outside this summer.

For August, my friend Shelby from Handmade Shelby inspired me with this blog post to make a birthday dress for myself this year.  At the end of May, Shelby will be celebrating her golden birthday.  She made this beautiful belle inspired golden dress for her birthday and I absolutely love it!  It turned out amazing!  I had told Shelby that I do not have a special birthday this year but I was inspired to sew a special dress and Shelby told me that every birthday is special and that I should do it.  This past weekend I was at my local Fabric store and they had McCalls patterns for a very low price.  Usually here, McCalls patterns go on sale for $5, but because of inflation the sale price has now gone up to $8, so when I had seen the McCalls patterns clearing out at $3 I took a peek at the stash.  I ended up finding McCalls 7124, which I know Shelby has experience with this pattern.

M7124_a I decided to take the pattern and hopefully sew view B but shorten the dress to about knee length.  I’m thinking about swapping out one of my old make 9 patterns with this one, but we will see.

Lately, you will catch me gravitating towards sewing dresses, which is not really in favor of my every day wardrobe and lifestyle.  But I think this might be the dress to get the “sewing dresses” bug out of my system.  Who doesn’t like a beautiful dress?!  One of my ultimate goals down the line is for my daughter to ask me to sew her graduation dress and possibly her wedding dress.  So sewing a dress like this will give me the practice that I will need.  Of course, I will not push the idea on my daughter (we are still a very long, long ways away from that), but I would love for my daughter to have the option of buying or having her mom make her dress.

I’m hoping that after the summer that I will get the dresses and McCalls sewing bugs out of my system.  I really want to start to pursue Burda Style patterns, since I did take the Burda Style course.  There is just something about having a beautiful pattern envelop in hand rather than a PDF pattern.  I say this because I am a very hands-on person.  Having a pattern in hand rather than on my computer is just more satisfying to me.  Also, it helps with my sewing plans having the pattern envelop and photos on hand.  I might need to take a new approach and start printing off the covers of my PDF patterns to have them on hand and to help motivate and encourage me to sew them.  I believe the Burda Style Drawstring Romper 07/2017 #102B will be the start of the Burda Style train.  Maybe I’ll even try to re-create this photo!


I was chatting with my Burda Style classmate and friend last night, and she was saying how Burda Style patterns are drafted much better than McCalls.  Which then had me thinking, other people have told me that too.  Plus, the blue floral dress that I made for the course fit like a glove without any alterations.  So I really really want to make more Burda Style patterns.

So with all that being said, I’m hoping to report back in August/September with an new approach to my sewing journey.  If you’ve made it this far with reading, thank you very much for taking time out of your day to read about my sewing plans and struggles.  I certainly hope that I am not alone with the inspiration overload and the struggles I’ve been experiencing.  So if you feel the same way, I hope this blog post lets you know, that you are definitely not alone in this.

“You will always be in my heart…because in there you’re still alive.” — Jamie Cirello