Floral Dress – Minerva Crafts

Today, I’m back on the Minerva Crafts Blog with this beautiful floral dress in McCalls 7800.

I’ve made some changes to the pattern, so be sure to check out the blog post on Minerva for more details and photos.  You can click here to be directed to the blog post.

** Just a note here, these photos were taken with my new lighting kit that I got for Christmas.  I just didn’t have my white backdrop at the time these photos were taken

DSCF2800 (2)


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Sophia Fold-Over Clutch & Crossbody Bag – AppleGreen Cottage

Are you looking for a versatile bag pattern?  Maybe you need a small clutch for an evening out, or a crossbody bag for every day use – the Sophia Fold-Over Clutch & Crossbody Bag Pattern by AppleGreen Cottage is a fabulous pattern.

I was fortunate to be a tester for Damjana for her new pattern, and let me tell you, she was an absolute pleasure to work with.  I absolutely loved the way she ran her testing group and she was very supportive of all of our tester versions.  She was always available and ready to answer our questions regarding the pattern.


I chose to make the medium sized crossbody bag for my tester version.  I used faux leather and home decor printed fabric.  For me and my personal preference, this is a great size for my phone, wallet and chapstick – what else do you need!  I know some people carry a lot more stuff in their purse than I do (*cough cough* my mom and sister), so if that is you, you might want to up it to a size Large!


The Sophia Fold-Over Clutch & Crossbody Bag features a zip outside pocket, a lining pocket and an adjustable strap.  All of these features are optional as well, include them all if you want, or leave some out!  The choice is up to you and your preference.  Some testers split the inside lining pocket in half, creating 2 mini pockets which I thought was a wonderful idea!

This was my very time sewing a side zip pocket, the instructions were very clear that I believe my first attempt at this turned out fabulously!


The pattern comes in 3 different sizes; small, medium and large.  Damjana gives you the option to save from printing the pattern pieces and provides the specific dimensions of each pattern piece.  Her pattern instructions are well written with great photographs every step of the way!  I really like it when pattern designers provide a lot of photographs in their instructions, I believe it makes the pattern more beginner friendly!  I would recommend sewing the pattern with quilting cotton or home decor fabric first, as the faux leather or vinyl could get thick in some spots.


You can use a variety of fabrics for this bag, some used quilting cotton, glitter vinyl and even cork fabric!  I already have ideas for another version.  There are so many beautiful quilting cottons in the shops right now that I’m envisioning a Spring version up next!  Hopefully Spring will be coming soon.

DSCF3019 What are you waiting for, grab a copy of the Sophia Fold-Over Clutch & Crossbody Bag Pattern and get sewing!

Do you enjoy sewing bags?  If you haven’t sewn a bag before, you’ll soon be addicted!  Just think – a handmade outfit, complete with a handmade bag!


Thank you Damjana for the great opportunity, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time sewing the Sophia Fold-Over Clutch & Crossbody Bag!

DSCF2931 (2)


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The League of Seen & Sewn Sewists – Parker Peplum

I’m adding a new element to my sewing journey and I’m excited to tell you all that I am part of The League of Seen & Sewn Sewists!

Boy, do I have an exciting pattern review to share with you today.  This post is all about the Parker Peplum Top by Seen & Sewn Patterns.  I first came across Arielle’s Instagram page over the summer when she was working on her tank top pattern.  Arielle is a full time teacher and on the side she designs patterns for sewing, how cool is that!  I can tell you right now, the Parker Peplum Top (in all views) is a great piece for all seasons to add to your handmade wardrobe.  Long sleeves to take you from fall to winter, and short sleeves for the spring and summer months!


Parker Peplum is a knit top with 3 views:

  • View A – Short sleeve peplum
  • View B – Long sleeve peplum
  • View C – Basic short sleeve t-shirt

For this blog post, I made 2 versions: View B and View C using the same fabric.  This is a 46% Rayon, 46% Cotton and 8% Spandex blend fabric.  This fabric is absolutely amazing to sew and to wear!  Plus, the colors on this fabric are fabulous!!

On a side note here, when I went to the fabric store, I asked for 2 meters of this fabric.  I believe there was slightly over 2 meters left on the bolt.  I probably got around 2.2 meters.  Just in case you wanted to make 2 with the same fabric.  I have some fabric left over that I may be able to squeeze a little something for my daughter!  


For View B – I knew I wanted to wear this top with leggings, so I ended up adding 3 inches to the peplum piece.  I probably could have added some length to the sleeves, but that is okay.  View B, I sewed a straight size Medium.

For View C – I ended up lengthening the bodice by 2 inches.  For this view, I also added my own twist to the pattern.  The pattern calls for the neckband piece to be on the inside of the garment.  For this version, I decided to add my own neckband to the outside of the garment.  All I did, was measured the neck line and then I calculated 80% of that measurement.  I then cut a strip of fabric that was 1.5 inches wide x 80% of the neck line measurement.  For future blog posts, I’ll make sure to take process photos of the changes that I make.  For view C, I sewed a straight size Small.


With my new working schedule, I was able to make the 2 tops in 1 weekend (the weekend, meaning Saturday & Sunday).  This is such a great pattern for beginners.  The PDF pattern is easy to assemble and the whole sewing process was quick!


I have a few more ideas for this pattern that you may like.  I’m waiting on fabric to arrive in the mail to make one of the versions listed below.


How cute is the layered peplum look, I absolutely love the double layer!  How about a Parker Peplum in velvet or with pearl embellishments!  The Parker Peplum Top is a great pattern to use to achieve these looks.  These images are from the website Shein.

Please let me know if you’ve made the Parker Peplum Top, or if you have plans to do so, I’d love to hear!


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