Halloween Sewing

One of the main reasons why I started to sew, was back when I was pregnant.  I wanted to learn to sew, so that one day I would be able to sew my children their Halloween costumes.  I started off sewing for myself, and have been hooked ever since.  I have tried a couple baby shirts that I found online for free, but the neckbands of those shirts didn’t turn out so well (they were way to small to fit over her head).  So I’ve decided to hold off on sewing for my little one until she is a little older, until now.

I have been so excited to sew a Halloween costume for her for quite some time now.  But of course, it didn’t plan out the way I thought it was going to.  I have been so ill these last couple of weeks that my sewing has really slowed right now, causing me a little bit of stress with this Halloween project.  Also, I was working with satin and organza, which are both slippery fabrics to work with.  I decided to use my Brother sewing machine as I have a walking foot for that machine – I still need a walking foot for my Singer machine.  Half way through working on the wings, my walking foot started acting up.  It kept jumping as I was sewing.  I read the manual and it said to reinstall the walking foot as it probably was not attached properly.  I did that a total of 5 times.  The next step said to take the machine in to get serviced, which I might do in the future.  So I continued to sew these fabrics without the walking foot, going slow and using lots of pins.


I had put a lot of pressure on myself as I wanted this costume to be perfect.  In reality, I have never sewn anything that was absolutely perfect.  But it was for my daughter, so my expectations of my sewing were high.  It was my first time sewing with satin and organza fabrics as well.

This is McCalls 4887 view C.  I decided to make only the top portion of the vest, because I didn’t want to take away from the layered detail in the skirt.


Overall, I’m really proud of this make, it’s not my neatest make (slippery fabrics are frustrating to work with) but it is another make that is made with lots of love.  I hope she loves the costume!

Thanks for the taking the time to read about my experience sewing my first Halloween costume for my daughter!

Happy Halloween Everyone!

PS. I will post an updated photo of her wearing the costume once Halloween is over.

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Pajamas – McCalls 5992

I had a hard time deciding what to sew next.  With other projects in the plan and Christmas crafting starting soon, I just couldn’t decide what to make in the meantime before things get real busy over here.

I posted a poll on my Instagram stories to help me decide between pj’s or a flowy top.  The results came back, and majority voted on the pj’s.  For some reason, I just wasn’t quite sold on that idea just yet, I think because prepping the pattern (on any new pattern) is a lot of work and I really didn’t feel like tracing or cutting out a new pattern.  An acquaintance of mine had the same pattern as me (McCalls 5992), so at that time, we decided we would sew pj’s at the same time and reveal our new pj’s on a set date.  Sometimes, projects don’t quite work out as planned, and that’s okay.


I decided to sew the size medium, as my measurements fell under the size medium for the pattern.  I sewed Views B (top) and E (pants).  I ended up bringing the top in about 1/4 of an inch on both sides.  For the pants, I sewed a straight medium, and I’m rather happy with the fit of the straight medium.  The pajama pants are a little higher waisted than I’m used to.


Overall, I really love this pattern and the fit.  I sewed these pj’s with a loop fleece fabric and it is really cozy against the skin.  Definitely going to be a great pair of pj’s for the winter months.  I believe for the next set of pj’s that I’ll make, I want to step up my sewing game a little and add some piping detail around the button area, collar and cuffs.  I think that would be a lovely detail to add, and it would allow me to learn something new.

At the time of taking these photos, I really struggled with getting good lighting as it was so gloomy and rainy for the entire month of September.

I’m really proud of this make!  Collars intimidate me, but this collar was a breeze to do, the instructions were nice, clear and easy to follow.  I think my collar turned out lovely.  Now, who’s ready for some Christmas pj’s?

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