Joining the Minerva Crafts Blogging Team

Hey!  This is an exciting post, and I’m beyond excited to tell you that I’m making my very first appearance as part of the Minerva Crafts Blogging Team.  I’ve sewn up a full length Yari Jumpsuit by True Bias using Minerva Crafts Linen Rayon Blend Fabric.  For more photos and full details, please follow this link!



“sometimes memories sneak out of my eyes and roll down my cheeks.” — Author Unknown


A Top for Mom, M7359

I haven’t sewn something for my mom in a while, so I figured it was time, plus I really love sewing for her.

She picked out the fabric a couple months back and just recently picked out a couple patterns (our fabric store was finally having a sale on McCalls patterns, which I feel I haven’t seen that sale since early spring).  What she didn’t decide on, was the pattern for the fabric she picked out.  So I was able to surprise her a little bit.



My mom picked out McCalls 7359 and she really liked view B, with the high and low hem line in both the front and the back.  On the envelope, view B is made with some sort a pink floral fabric.  I had figured that this black/grey floral fabric that my mom picked out would be the perfect fit for McCalls 7359.  This fabric was such a dream to sew with, it is very soft to touch and went smoothly through the sewing machine.

The only really challenging part of this whole pattern was sewing the facings and easing them into the neck line (as many of you know, I’m not a fan of sewing facings).  I just made sure to take my time doing the facings as I wanted it to be perfect for my mom.

One of my favorite details of this pattern is the sleeve detail for views A and B, it is really cute.  Both of these views have gatherings near the edge of the sleeve.  It’s a fun detail and very easy to do.  The only part, is that the pattern does not state how much to gather the sleeves.  So when you do this step, you need to make sure your gather length on both the front pieces match the gather length on the back piece.  So before you sew, make sure your gather lengths are even on both sides and that they line up correctly with the back piece.


I was able to test out french seams on the side seams of this shirt.  The pattern did not call for french seams.  However, my mom picked out another pattern (m7658) which I was starting on prior to this one and as I was reading the pattern instructions, it called for french seams, which I have never done before.  It turned out, I didn’t have the proper sewing needles to get started on that project, which led me to start this project.  The french seams were very easy to do and I’ll be ready to do them once I have the proper sewing needles to tackle that project.  That project will be another blog post.


Thank you for taking the time to read about my top for my mom.


DSCF2456 (2)

“My heart is not suddenly mended just because you believe that I have grieved long enough.  I will grieve the loss of my loved one for the rest of my life… Just so you know.” – John Pete

A Very Special Project

IMG_20180904_0938416As a crafter, I can understand the amount of love, time and energy that one can put into a single project.  Trust me, these two projects are full of so much love.

I had mentioned to my Auntie (one of my dad’s sisters) that I wanted to make my mom, my sister and I each a quilt using my dads shirts.  When I told my Auntie my idea, she offered to make mine.  She knew that I haven’t had too much experience quilting, so I figured I’d take her up on her offer.  I thought it was a great idea as I would be able to use the one that she made for me as a guide for when I make my mom and my sister each a quilt.

In April, she had asked me to pick 5-6 shirts of my dads that were color coordinating.  So I picked my 2 favorite shirts that he wore, plus 3 others that went well with the colors.   The 2 shirts on the far left were my absolute favorite shirts that my dad wore.


Prior to mailing the shirts to my Auntie, I knew I wanted to sew something for her, as my thank you for making my quilt.  Back in April, there were only a couple of patterns that I felt I had mastered and would feel confident making for her.  She chose the Joy Jacket Pattern by Chalk and Notch.  Such a great pattern!  After making this one, I’ve made this pattern 3 times.

My Auntie and I did not discuss a deadline as to when each of us would send our parcels to each other.  I ordered the main fabric for her jacket in April, but was not planning on starting her jacket until August.

At the beginning of July, to my surprise, a parcel arrived in the mail on my daughters very first birthday.  Can you believe, as we were walking to pick up the parcel, there was a butterfly flying with us for a brief moment!  When we arrived home, my daughter opened the parcel to find 2 quilts, one for my daughter and one for me.  I was very surprised to receive such a sweet and meaningful gift on her first birthday.  Everything about this parcel was such a wonderful surprise; I had no idea what design or pattern my aunt decided on for the quilt, I also had no idea how much she was able to make with the 5 shirts.  She was able to make my daughter a small baby quilt, myself a lap quilt and my grandparents a pillow sham.  She also mailed me back the extra pieces that she did not use.  There is a lot of left over fabric from the shirts for me to make something else.  If you have any ideas, write them below in the comments.


The amount of joy I felt to receive these quilts was very special.  They are absolutely beautiful, and I can not thank my Auntie enough for all of her work making these quilts for us.  I never really knew how special one craft could be.  The amount of love and meaning behind these blankets is beyond words.  The fact that a butterfly flew near us as we walked and that the parcel arrived on her very first birthday….my dad was definitely with us that day.  They say that butterflies are signs from our loved ones that have passed, I definitely believe that.DSCF2432As my thank you to my Auntie, I made her the Joy Jacket.  She chose the main color and told me to surprise her with the lining.  All she said, was that she didn’t want any bright colors for the lining.  I think the lining with the main color look fabulous together. I ordered the main fabric from Fabricville and the lining fabric is from my local Fabricland.  I shortened the sleeves as my Auntie tells me that sleeves are normally too long for her.  I hope that these sleeves are the perfect fit for her!


DSCF2436This jacket was truly a labor of love for my Aunt.  I took my time with this project as I wanted it to be perfect for her.  I didn’t want to rush through any of the steps.  This project probably took me longer than normal, because I have learned over the course of my sewing journey, that if you get frustrated with a step….walk away.  If you continue to sew while you are frustrated, you are bound to make more mistakes.DSCF2434Thank you for taking the time to read about this special project of mine.  I will keep you updated in the comment section when my Auntie receives her jacket and if it fits.  I hope she loves it as much as I loved sewing it for her.

I love and miss this man, more than he will ever know.   


“Butterflies are the heaven sent kisses of an angel.” — Anonymous