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I have some exciting news for you all!  I am part of the Fabricville Blogging Team and my first post is up!  I made the Butterick 6220 Jumpsuit in view B with a beautiful floral linen look fabric.  Please read the full blog post here!


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A Great Summer Piece – Yari Jumpsuit

Are you looking for a great piece for the summer months, are you looking for a quick yet stylish pattern to sew for the summer – The Yari Jumpsuit pattern by True Bias has you covered!

My friend sent me a picture of this jumpsuit when it was released, and as soon as I seen View A – a sleeveless, shorts version in a light blue chambray fabric, I instantly fell in love and knew I was going to love this pattern.  The pattern was on sale during the release week, so I went ahead and purchased the PDF pattern.

DSCF2111 (2)Now, I normally do not wear tank tops, I’m more of a sleeves type of gal, but lately I’ve been trying to push myself to wear more tank tops, and the Yari was the perfect push for me!

The Yari is a quick sew, like very quick!  I got it done with one evening and one morning of sewing!  The Yari features princess seams (my first ever princess seams), a button up front, big pockets and 4 D-rings to accentuate the waist!  The Yari also has options for sleeves and a pant length.

I’ve been learning to adjust patterns to fit me, with this pattern I knew I would need to lengthen as it was drafted for 5’5.  I almost always like to make 2 of everything with some differences to see which fits me better – similar to when you go clothes shopping and you try on 2 different sizes to see which one fits you better.  I’ve made 2 Yari’s both in linen, and plan on making more (I love this pattern THAT much!).

For my first Yari, – I made a pink size 8 and lengthened it by 2 inches.  My body measurements fit right into the size 8 measurements on the pattern.  I was really pleased with the fit.  However, when I raised my arms up, I noticed I had a little bit of room on either side.  So, in my mind I figured I could size down, since I had some extra space there.  After consulting with my trusted and knowledgeable sewing friend – she suggested that I do a SBA (small bust adjustment).  I would have never thought of that, but guess what….my friend really knows her stuff and knows what the best course of action is.

I was really happy with the fit of the pink jumpsuit,  but now after adjusting the pattern and looking at the burnt orange jumpsuit, I’m really, really impressed with the fit!  It fits me great and I feel awesome wearing it!  The SBA was a really good solution!  I ended up taking 1 inch out on both sides.


This is an awesome piece to add to your wardrobe, and like I mentioned before, it is a quick sew!  Thank you for reading about my experience sewing the Yari Jumpsuit and my first ever SBA!

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My New Toy, Singer Futura XL 420

DSCF1752I got a new toy! The Singer Futura XL 420 – Sewing and Embroidery Machine!

When I was waiting for it to arrive, I didn’t think that the box was going to be this big!  It was huge, I couldn’t even carry it to my vehicle by myself!

I’ve wanted an embroidery machine for quite some time, but wasn’t planning on getting one this soon.  But this was such a good deal, that I couldn’t pass it up.  Especially for an embroidery machine.  I’ve been doing some research on embroidery machines, and they can be very costly.  I was originally looking for a Brother Embroidery machine (the rest of my machines are Brother), but when this one came up, I quickly did my research on this machine and read the reviews.  I’ll admit, there was quite a few negative reviews on this machine, but when there was a good review about it, it was really good.  From what I read and gathered, you really need to sit down and read the manual and know about the proper threads and the stabilizers to use with this machine.  At the end, I didn’t let those negative reviews interfere with the decision to make the purchase.  Basically, from what I had gathered is you either love love love this machine, or you hate it.

Embroidery Software

As soon as I got it,  first things first – RTFM (as my dad would say).  So I opened up the box and immediately looked for the manual.  I believe I spent the first 2 evenings studying the manual.  Then I decided to use some scrap fabric and try to sew some straight lines.  The next day, I went to 4 different sewing/fabric stores looking for the right thread.  Some places were selling small spools of embroidery thread for over 10 bucks a spools.  Man, I was thinking “This is going to be a beast to operate”.  Luckily one of the stores pointed me in the right direction for cheap, but good quality embroidery thread.  This particular store also sells the proper stabilizers and temporary adhesive spray for a low cost compared to most of the fabric stores around here.  The other good thing about this shopping trip, was that I discovered a new-to-me fabric store next door to the embroidery thread place.  This fabric store has such beautiful fabrics for CHEAP!  Guess what the great thing about it is…..you don’t need a membership!

Back to the Singer Futura XL 420 Machine,  I’ve had the pleasure of using this machine for just over a month now so that I am able to provide you with an honest and useful review.

Singer Futura XL 420
Button Hole

My short, but simple review of this machine is……..I absolutely LOVE it!  The features I have used and love are: embroidery, sewing with knits and wovens, button holes and buttons and also using the leg presser foot lever.  I wanted to make sure that I had a well-rounded review for you.  The unit itself is pretty big compared to my regular sewing machine.  It is also heavier as well.  I wasn’t expecting this machine to be that much bigger and heavier than my regular sewing machine, but it is!

In my previous blog posts, I shared my experience with the embroidery aspect of the machine.  I now have the proper spray and stabilizes and that really makes a huge difference with the embroidery.  The machine comes with a CD that you need to load on to your Windows computer (it does not operate on Apple computers).  The software has different designs for the 3 hoops that come with the machine – small, large and endless.  I have not tried the endless hoop yet, but I definitely plan on it in the future.  I have tried 3 of the designs that came with the machine – there are a lot of designs to choose from and great for the different seasons as well!  The software also comes with 3 different fonts which would be great for embroidering jackets, t-shirts, pillow cases or even Christmas stockings!

Embroidered Flower on Liverpool Knit

I really like the leg presser foot lever, this is really helpful when working with slippery fabrics that constantly need both hands guiding the fabric through the machine.  I found this especially helpful while sewing the button holes and buttons on to my Magnuson Vest.

I believe that the needles for this machine are cheaper than the needles that I purchase for my Brother sewing machine.  Which is awesome, because I do believe that with the embroidery, you could go through needles like crazy.

I’m sure there is still a lot for me to learn about this machine, but in the meantime, it’s fabulous!  I believe my friend who also purchased this same machine would agree with me.  If there is anything that I missed or left out of this quick but awesome review, feel free to contact me with any questions that you have and I will try my best to answer them!

Thank you for taking the time to read about my fabulous new toy, and I hope that I’ve inspired you to add an embroidery machine to your sewing fleet!  I can’t wait to share my future embroidery projects with you!

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